SYSON have organised a contemporary art auction event and exhibition which will take part in November this year, preceded by a two-week exhibition.

The exhibition will take place at SYSON in Nottingham between Saturday 1st November and Friday 14th November.

Exhibition times will be as usual – Wednesday to Saturday 12noon – 5pm or by appointment.

The auction itself will take place on Friday 14th Nov, in the evening. Booking is essential if you wish to place bids on items for sale. (If you cannot make it along in person, feel free to email a sealed bid on an item to sysongallery@gmail.com, and include your contact details.)

The 50 works of art for sale include small drawings, sketches, prints and editions, small paintings, 3D work, photography and small scale sculptures. Prices range from around £50 to £300+

50% of the sale price will go directly to the artists and 50% goes towards the development of the Reading Room programme at SYSON gallery.

Artists selected include a broad range; from the fresh, green and recently graduated to the fully emerged, award winning kind. 50% live and work in Nottingham and 50% live and work elsewhere. 50% are female and 50% are male. Works not reaching the reserve price set in negotiation with the artist and the gallery will remain unsold. Sealed bids will also be encouraged from those booked to take part in the auction.

Ikran Abdille, Liam Aitken, Ralph Anderson, Bruce Asbestos, Tristram Aver, Darren Banks, Rebecca Beinart, Jackie Berridge, Andrew Bracey, Oliver Braid, Jonathan Baldock, Louisa Chambers, Kashif Nadim Chaudry, Chris Clinton, Gordon Dalton, Frances Disley, Neil Dixon, Sean Edwards, Dave Evans, Susan Finlay, Blue Firth, S Mark Gubb, Helen Hamblin, Robert Holcombe, Joey Holder, Kevin Hunt, Andy Jackson, Candice Jacobs, Jake Kent, Anneliese Krueger, Geoff Diego Litherland, Jock Mooney, John Newling, Rebecca Ounstead, John Plowman, Yelena Popova, Simon Raven, Lois Gardner Sabet, Ben Sadler, Bobby Sayers, David Severn, Marianna Simnett, James E Smith, Emily Speed, Alexander Stevenson, Chie Hosaka Soneka, Mimei Thompson, Oliver Tirré, Rob Van Beek,Thomas Wright.





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