rdhs no.4

rdhs no.4

39 x 30 cm (framed)
pencil on tape on paper

Guide Price £175 – £200


John Plowman’s practice encompasses both studio and curatorial activity through which he explores his interest in the production of art and the site(s) of its production and exhibition. Since 1980 he has exhibited in and curated numerous one person and group exhibitions in this country and abroad. He is currently preparing for ‘A Life Drawing’ an exhibition opening January 2015 at Nottingham Castle and Museum. The exhibition will juxtapose drawings selected from the collection of Nottingham Castle and Museum with drawings selected from the body of drawings that he has made since the late 1970’s.

In 2004 with Nicola Streeten he established the curatorial project Beacon, which curates, produces events and commissions artists to produce work for non-gallery spaces, usually heritage sites. Questioning how contemporary art practice may reside within a rural context offering a new perspective through collaboration between artist, audience and institution.


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