'I'll Watch You Crumble Like a Very Old Wall' - pen on paper - 25 x 25cm - 2014 - Jock Mooney

I’ll watch you crumble like a very old wall, 2014

Ink drawing on paper, 25x25cm

(unframed size. NB the piece will be available framed in the auction.)

Guide price: £250 – £300

Since Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2004, Jock Mooney is on a rampage that encompasses sculpture, drawing and performance.  He constructs a world populated by grotesque characters, bizarre animals, lurid flowers and morphed effigies of historical, mythical and religious figures. A carnivalesque horror show that raises a mirror to the modern world. 
His recent body of painfully detailed drawings include the work ‘I’ll Watch You Crumble Like a Very Old Wall’, which, in typical Mooney style, references low and highbrow culture alongside a sense of emotional collapse – a snapshot akin to someone in a fragile state leafing through a Greek tragedy whilst BROS plays on Radio 2.

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