magic bullets_aspirin

Magic Bullets, White Willow – Aspirin (The popular pain-killer), 2013

Screenprint, 40x60cm

From a series of screen prints depicting plants in which chemical compounds have been discovered to produce pharmaceutical drugs – all of which could be considered a poison if taken in too high a dose. Each image depicts an imagined machine for extraction printed over a circle of pigment made from the featured plant: Opium Poppy – Opium (Still the basis of commonly used morphine painkillers); Yew – Pacitaxel (A chemotherapy drug used in the treatment of cancer); Foxglove – Digitalis (A drug used to lower the heart rate)

These artworks are part of wider research the artist is undertaking, looking at our relationship with plants as medicine and considering questions of potency, knowledge, power and healing. When a plant medicine is patented by a large pharmaceutical company, who owns the knowledge of how to use it.


Rebecca Beinart was born in Oxford (1981) and lives in Nottingham. She studied a Bachelors of Arts at Nottingham Trent University (2003) and a Masters of Arts in Arts and Ecology at Dartington School of Art (2008). Rebecca’s projects take the form of live events in public places, installations, and interventions, exploring the territory between art, ecology and politics. Her practice investigates places, and their inhabitants. Through repeated experiments in specific sites she seeks to interrupt her own assumptions about a place and understand perspectives she could not see alone. Rebecca’s methodologies frequently involve working with others. Sometimes the people she works with are collaborators, partners in imagining and shaping the work from the beginning. Sometimes they accidentally come across her, and are conspirators or witnesses for the duration of an action.

Rebecca co-founded the artists collective Yolk (2004) connecting artists from Nottingham’s twin cities. Since 2008, she has worked on Origination, an ongoing collaboration with her sister, artist Katy Beinart, that investigates migration, family history and place-making. She is currently working with Nottingham-based collective The Islanders as part of the Wasteland Twinning network:’

Recent commissions and projects include:
Sneinton Market Meals (2011) part of the Orchard Project for Sneinton Market
Corridor (2009) for the Architecture Centre, Bristol
Field Kitchen (2009) for the Hinterland, Nottingham
Exponential Growth (2010) for Radar Arts, Loughborough
Food as Counter-culture (2010) for ‘Gentle Actions’ at Kunsternes Hus, Oslo, Norway
Potion (2011) for Artsadmin’s festival: ‘Two Degrees: Art and Activism, Climate and Cuts’, London.


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